Tamraght is a Berber village, located 15 km north of Agadir, between Aourir and Taghazout, on the edge of the Atlantic. The name comes from the Berber language and means the Land of Sun, and definitely it is, sunny all year round. Tamraght is the perfect location for a relaxing walk. Close distance to wild beaches which surround the charming village, such as Imourane, a long beach break, or Devil’s rock and its hectic surf scene.   Tamraght is well known to be on the route of the best surf spots in the region of Agadir. Here, we provide all you need to guarantee you will have the best surf experience and score the best waves in Morocco.


   The house has the goal to provide the proper Moroccan beach life experience, where you can have all the comfort of a Moroccan house and all the facilities for the daily surf. It is comprised of a building which has its unique architecture with a blend of traditional and contemporary interior design, getting the best from the natural air conditioner of the sea breeze and the warm of the sun.   The house offers various kinds of accommodation, such as apartments, private rooms and shared rooms, with sitting areas and a terrace with a stunning beach view where you can contemplate the sunset. Our team will make sure you go back home with beautiful Moroccan dreams.